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My name is Bryan. I'm an avid forager based in San Francisco. I run a business selling seasonal wild foods to discriminating Bay Area chefs. 


(1) Explore the extensive culinary resources that exist within the wild terroir of California - from invasive weeds to wild mushrooms, herbs, nuts, flowers, and berries. These ingredients come from vast, underutilized permacultures throughout our state. I source these products ethically from private lands and managed forests, traveling as far as the Oregon border to the north, Big Sur to the south, and the Sierra Nevada to the east.

(2) Support the artisan foragers who gather these ingredients. I'm part of a community of nomadic mushroom hunters and wild herbalists who pursue unique gourmet ingredients. I aim to uphold a tradition of foraging in the Bay Area by promoting our craft to chefs and the public as part of a sustainable food system.

(3) Serve great chefs. It's been a privilege to work with some of San Francisco's finest restaurants and the creative culinary minds behind them. I take the utmost care in gathering, purchasing, and handling to ensure that my offerings stand out. 


I would love to hear your thoughts or feedback. If you are a chef, forager, or other industry professional with an appreciation for wild foods, I would love to hear from you.

call or text  (415) 662-8721